Just Be You

Just Be You


לכל אחד מגיע לפחות ספר השראה אחד שיעשה טוב וירים שצריך להרים.

ספרון שיכול להיות מונח ליד המיטה או על השולחן בסלון, או אפילו בתיק לשליפה מהירה.

Take courage and comfort from the uplifting quotations and powerful affirmations in this pocket-sized collection of unbeatable confidence

There’s nobody quite like you. Your passions and possibilities are limitless, even when the world tries to get you down. This little book, packed full of compassionate quotes and valuable reminders, is the perfect companion on your journey to greater happiness and stronger self-belief.

From the timeless ideas of ancient sages to sound advice from modern superstars, these are words to get you feeling great and thinking big.

As well as the hard-won wisdom of successful writers, artists and thinkers, this book includes a host of uplifting mantras and daily reminders such as:
  • You don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful
  • Everything you need – your courage, strength, compassion and love – is already within you
  • You’re only confined by the walls you build yourself
  • Don’t just be good to others – be good to yourself too
  • You are at your most powerful when you don’t seek the approval of others

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